pexels-photo-791024.jpegHere are a few testimonials about my work from over the years. This is just a partial list of testimonials! I’m far from perfect, I can be cranky and need to rewrite articles just like the best of writers. But, as my clients know, they can count on me to always get the job done right, with a smile on my face.

About My Articles, Content and Copywriting:

  • “You have done a wonderful job on this engagement, and I want to make sure you can continue working with us…” –Kimberly Bubeck, project manager on behalf of Bankrate/Izea, Inc.
  • “They RAVE about your work!”–Project manager on behalf of Pottery
  • “We have these and we would love if you could take them on. You were amazing on the last round!”–Project manager on behalf of Pottery
  • “I know you always do top-notch work!”–Editor on behalf of
  • “You’re the best! Thank you Saint Marilyn!” “…Marilyn is the quickest when transcribing.” –Melissa Reilly, Weston Woods Studios/Scholastic
  • “Thanks again for your work–the ranch post was great!” –Laura Fenton, former editor, Shelterpop
  • “Copies of the October supplement arrived at our office today. It looks great!” –Andrew Fiscus, Norman Long Interior Design
  • “I wanted to thank you again for everything on the Kitchen and Bath Section—it came out great, and all the clients were so happy! It’s going to look great in the magazine.”  –Thomas Ragusa, former ad manager, Wainscot Media
  • “We should take a cue from YOUR turnaround time, which always seems to save the day for me!” –Thomas Ragusa, former ad manager, Wainscot Media
  • “…having your terrific work on the site! Your voice, help and editorial insight have been such a huge part of ShelterPop.” –Amy Preiser, former managing editor, ShelterPop
  • “Great job! Thank you!” –Jason Kontos, Editor in chief, New York Spaces Magazine

Comments from Freelance Writers + Editors at Studio D:

  • “Brilliant idea, this thread! Thank you so much.” –Melinda Fletcher, writer,
  • “Brilliant thread!” Jann Seal, writer
  • “Thank you, Marilyn, for your ever upbeat audits!” Lorna Hordos, writer
  • “Thanks so much, Marilyn — you are always so helpful! Your posts are always so helpful, and much appreciated.” Teresa Daly, copyeditor,
  • “It’s always been a joy reading your threads here. As always, MarilynZ, you are encouraging and optimistic, which is so refreshing. You’re a huge part of what makes Home Decor the best section to work in. You made HD fun and an all-around great segment to work in, Marilyn. Your posts are always a ray of sunshine. Thanks for being who you are!” –Sherry Hames, copyeditor
  • “Thanks for keeping us posted MZ, you’re the best!” –Laurie Reeves, writer and CE
  • “I’ve referred to this post many times since you added it, Marilyn — a valuable tool! Thank you!”Lorna Hordos, writer
  • “I’ve referred to your highly comprehensive mini-guidelines many times as well. The post is extremely helpful, and I wish I had consulted it before turning in tonight’s article.” Anya Deason, writer
  • “We love working for HD and having you as our expert!”  –Laurie Reeves, writer and CE
  • “Easily the most congenial and supportive of the sections in which I write. Thanks to Marilyn, great CEs and my most talented fellow writers. Marilyn, I appreciate the harmonious way you maintain in the section and the encouraging and upbeat tone you promote in the forums. It’s a pleasure to write here.” — Chris Diezel, writer
  • “…and I’d like to post a public shout-out for an outstanding section chief. Thanks Marilyn for making this a great section to write for.” –Chris Diezel, writer
  • “Thanks, Marilyn, for the shout-out and the terrific spirit you encourage in this section.” –Benna Crawford, writer
  • “Your humor and positive spirit made some of the rougher renovations times easier to weather.” Betsy Brooks, former content manager and editor

About My Books:

  • “You are a project editor’s dream!” –Tracee Williams, Globe Pequot Press
  • “Thanks for the thorough review. You’re the best!” –Tracee Williams, Globe Pequot Press
  • “You’ve done such a great job!” –Katie Benoit, former Acquisitions Editor, Globe Pequot Press
  • “I am reading your book Practical home office solutions and it is amazing.” –Susan Jamieson,, New Zealand
  • “I had the opportunity to work with Marilyn on several book projects over the past few years. She not only is extremely detailed and organized in her work flow, she is always a pleasure to work with.”– Anna Adesanya, Photo Editor, Freelance worked directly with Marilyn at Globe Pequot Press
  • “Marilyn was a reliable professional to work with who went above and beyond to research details for the book she was producing. She brought a wealth of content, both national and international, which made the title stronger. She was conscious of the budget throughout the process which also helped make the book process a success.” –Betsy Gammons, Photo Editor, Project Manager Quayside Publishing/Rockport
  • “Marilyn has been both a cheerleader, urging me forward, and a stern task master challenging me to dig deeper for substance. What consistency of thought and meaningful insights in the text are the result of her patient encouragement.” Russell Versace, architect and author, Creating the New Old House.  
  • “…so I’m grateful for the book’s advice !”– reader’s Amazon comment from July 16, 1999 about Practical Home Office Solutions

    About My Two Frugal Fairfielders’ Blog:

  • “Love your blog! Amy Dacyzyn’s books were my first start in this frugality mindset 20 years ago.” —-Stephanie Nelson,
  • “I LOVE the blog. Especially today’s post, which hit while I was reading it. It’s like porn for the purse strings!” –Nicole Stanton, The Popcorn Blog
  • “Living frugally can give you freedom and independence. Two Frugal Fairfielders is a great blog on the subject and in this blog post the author talks about the lessons she learned from the Frugal Zealot, many of which should be taken to heart.” — The Wall Street Survivor
  • “You two ladies are the best examples of frugal living I know and always give the best advice!” — from a subscriber, July 29th, 2012
  • “Thank you, TFF, you inspire your readers to follow your lead. Carry on making a difference in the lives of many.” –from a subscriber, September 3rd, 2012
  • “Thanks again, Marilyn, for all you are doing to make a difference for our patrons.” –Anne Farkas, librarian, Fairfield Public Library
  • “Thank you for presenting a great program yesterday. Take Control of Your Budget with Couponing really did attract the most attendees of our four Money Smart programs this year! You can feel good about this because I’m sure folks attended knowing your reputation or knowing someone who knows about your blog and other frugal endeavors! By the way the tall, blonde woman sitting at the front on Sunday stopped to tell me how valuable she found your presentation!  She shared some of the tips with a cousin, too.”–Ingrid Davis, former librarian, Stratford Public Library
  • “Another happy customer from Marilyn’s program on Sunday – she said, ‘She really makes you think’ and ‘I saved 45%!'” –Susan Lohr, librarian, Stratford Public Library