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Black + Decker
An article I wrote for Black + Decker’s website. Click here to go to full article.

From 2012 to the very end of 2015, I had one of the most fulfilling freelance positions I could have ever wanted. I was the text segment Home Decor Content Expert & Consultant for StudioD (formerly Demand Media Studios). Though I’d written for the company, both features and shorter posts for eHow, StudioD tapped me to become their Decor Expert for eHow,, Society6, and other sites and partners. (The company recently transitioned into a partnership/agency site with clients seeking content). Recently, I wrote a few pieces for Black + Decker, a StudioD partner, and the article was featured in StudioD’s newsletter.

As the Decor Expert & Consultant, my managing editor responsibilities included:

  • Auditing articles for quality assurance (daily/weekly)
  • Approving titles for sites (weekly)
  • Approving writer applicants for the home decor sections (daily)
  • Adjusting home decor section guidelines (on call)
  • Creating section tests for copy editors (on call)
  • Moderating the home decor community forum (daily)


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A small sampling of comments from StudioD writers and editors….

  • “Thank you for all you do for us, Marilyn!”
  • “The CEs here are THE BEST and Home Decor is, hands-down, the most professional, smart, well-managed and fun channel to work in. Marilyn, I am a total cheerleader/fangirl of how you run this paint-and-wallpaper shop and I completely enjoy working with the fine people here. So THANK YOU to all of you.”
  • “Brilliant idea, this thread! Thank you so much, Marilyn!”
  • “I just wanted to let you know how helpful Marilyn recently was, and how helpful she always is when I ask her things.”
  • “ I appreciate Marilyn’s finesse and deep understanding of the Home Décor channel.”
  • “Marilyn is a gem and I enjoy working with her.”
  • “MZ, Thank you so very much for your kind assistance. It’s really a pleasure working with someone so responsive.”
  • “Home décor is truly my favorite section to write for. Thanks again for all you do, Marilyn!”