“You two ladies are the best examples of frugal living I know and always give the best advice!” — from a subscriber, July 29th, 2012


“Living frugally can give you freedom and independence. Two Frugal Fairfielders is a great blog on the subject and in this blog post the author talks about the lessons she learned from the Frugal Zealot, many of which should be taken to heart.” — The Wall Street Survivor wall street survivor

In 2008, I co-founded Two Frugal Fairfielders, a blog about the challenges living a frugal life in an affluent town. This grassroots blog grew out of our frustrations with living in a beautiful, once quaint town that seemed to be going through a metamorphosis where huge homes and luxury cars seemed to infiltrate the area at a fast pace. Of course it was 2008 where everything fell apart, and we continued the blog to see it grow little by little into a wonderful array of content that we hope The Tightwad Gazette’s author, Amy Dacyczyn, would be proud to read!

We post sporadically as our schedules permit, and I’ve expanded into ebooks and another site called Two Frugal Fairfielders Press. Please feel free to read all the incredible, helpful content–from frugal purchases to budgeting and money-saving recipes and tips from our real lives–we worked so hard to put it all together! About 99% of the blog posts are experiential, meaning, we LIVED those posts, experimented with the content written about in those posts, tested those recipes, bought those items and researched those costs.

My fourth ebook...

I became the accidental couponing expert in my town thanks in part to this blog and I began giving workshops around Connecticut on the subject. Eventually, I moved away from couponing for a variety of reasons, which led me to write my newest book, Ditch the Coupons: Save Money, Spot Secret Sales, Love Grocery shopping …Without Couponing!

Click here for an article in Healthy Life, Connecticut, featuring my thoughts on coupons.

“Thank you, TFF, you inspire your readers to follow your lead. Carry on making a difference in the lives of many.” –from a subscriber, September 3rd, 2012